Today, all the gadgets we use on an everyday basis support games. Be it phones, ipods, tablets or computers. We are a world of gaming freak and there is no doubt that we are truly addicted to games. Every time one of us stumbles upon a great game, the next few days are spent on competing with our friends for the high score. The best part is that there are games available for download for everybody! And these have all been made by developers like Game Forest! Game Forest is a group based in Moscow and other russian cities that has programmers and artists from all over the world join hands. We create the coolest games ever; just for you! Today, there are games of all kinds available for download - casual, social, action, arcade, puzzles, mystery, role playing; the range of choice is very vast and nobody is complaining! Game Forest is thus, not an individual; we are a team of highly driven individuals with a common passion - gaming! We create games that people across the world play, like Zombie! Zombie! Zombie! and Monsterra. We at Game Forest enjoy creating games that you love. For a game to be visually amazing and provide a similar experience while playing it too, it needs to be very well made. We have been doing this since 2005 and have made over 30+ amazing games! Creating games is what helps us live; this is our only passion. We appreciate driven, creative individuals and are always welcome to such people joining our team of Game Forest. We literally eat, sleep and breathe games! Game Forest is also known as Hot Lava. Our games are across several platforms like iOS, Windows, MacOS, Android, Ubuntu and consoles. Today, we have a rather reputed name in the entertainment industry and we have worked real hard to get here. Our aim is to keep growing and make an indelible mark in the industry of gaming. If you have not yet tried playing any of Game Forests’s masterpieces, we urge to go ahead and do it! We have put in everything we have into our games and we do it so that you fall in love with them. Nothing gives us more joy than the moment when people tell us they were truly addicted to our game and could not take their eyes off it. We welcome you to Game Forest - a place where gaming is our true master and we are only their puppets. We love doing what we do; creating games that are nothing short of stunning and amaze you, as well. Keep our name in mind. We are here to create history!


Offers and wishes for developers: studio@game-forest.com Sales department: sales@game-forest.com Support: support@game-forest.com Phone: +7 (423) 245-21-33

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