13 September 2017

Gummy Drop! Celebrates in Vladivostok

The legendary game Gummy Drop! in september, celebrates the third anniversary! This game of travel has become a real confession for more than 40 million players around the world. The victorious procession across countries and continents began in 2014. While new cities appeared in the game itself, more and more gamers sought to conquer these cities. London, Paris, Rome, New York ... about 60 points on the virtual map of Gummy Drop! Of course, the game also includes Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg and our native Vladivostok. And, an update with Vladivostok and all its local "features" is timed to the three-year anniversary of Gummy Drop! Meet update with Vladivostok on the anniversary of Gummy Drop! The whole world loves it, and you?