Frantic Match-3 Action
Match 3 zzzombies as fast as you can to avoid being completely overrun! The bigger the area you cover, the bigger the carnage.
PowerFul Boosts
Sometimes, the zombiezzz are just too much, and you need to little help. You have lots of different weapons in your arsenal, like rabid dog, and crazy taxi drivers!
Different types of zombiezzz
These aren't your typical undead. Construction workers, housewives, zombies with mines, and pumpkin-heads with shields keep the battle exciting!
Two ways to play
Work you way out of town with your hearty band survivors, or just keep going as long as you can in Survival mode!


You and your friends are about to be overrun by hordezzz of Zombies on a remote downtown street... what do you do? Zx3 is a fast-paces apocalyptic thriller teeming with explosive zombie matching action. Move quick, shoot quicker, and fight for your life against endless waves of undead. Can you survive? Use your wits, and an arsenal of weaponry and power-ups to blast your way to freedom!